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The right to be properly researched: How to do rights-based, scientific research with children

A boxed set of 10 manuals for fieldworkers, giving step-by step guidance, linked to downloadable website materials and covering all aspects of research from conception to report writing.

  • Manual 1 Where do we start? explains the rights-based approach to research with children and how it relates to other research approaches.
  • Manual 2 How do we protect children? deals with the ethical rules and methods necessary in all research with children.
  • Manual 3 How can we be good researchers with children? provides information necessary for training, so that all researchers are fully equipped to work with children.
  • Manual 4 What do know already and what do we want to know? sets out the procedures of deciding on research topics and questions.
  • Manual 5 How are we going to find out? takes researchers through the process of choosing research methods and designing and piloting research tools.
  • Manual 6 How can we get the best data? provides guidance on research planning and management.
  • Manual 7 How do we count data? details the processes necessary for numerical analysis.
  • Manual 8 What do numbers mean? demonstrates the means of changing numerical results into meaningful answers to research questions.
  • Manual 9 How do we write the report? provides guidance on writing clear reports about research results for a variety of readers, including children.
  • Manual 10 Research dictionary, is an easy reference dictionary that clarifies the meanings of research terms as they are used in the rights-based approach.

ISBN: 978-616-7333-00-7

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Tags: ["research", "ethics", "training", "data collection", "statistics", "Indicators"]
Published Nov. 8, 2010 1:30 PM - Last modified Apr. 17, 2013 3:49 PM