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The Emerging Media Toddlers

This book looks at the media use of babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers in different countries: South Pacific, Sweden, France and Chile.

Editors: María Dolores Souza, Patricio Cabello

Nordicom, 2010, 55 p. - ISBN 978-91-89471-95-5, (Reports Clearinghouse) 


  • Maria Dolores Souza, Patricio Cabello: Introduction: Preschoolers and their Appropriation of Screen Technologies
  • Maria Dolores Souza, Patricio Cabello: Report 0 to 5. Chilean Preschoolers and the Media
  • Juan Enrique Huerta: Protection des mineurs in France. A Research-based Discussion on the Effects of Television on Children Less than Three Years of Age
  • Mary Jane Shuker, Geoff Lealand: Growing Up With Television in the South Pacific
  • Olle Findahl: Preschoolers and the Internet in Sweden
  • Additional Interviews: Daniel Anderson, Víctor Fuenmayor and Angharad Valdivia

To order, go to International Clearing House on Children, Youth and Media.

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