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A Handbook of Children and Young People's Participation

A Handbook of Children and Young People's Participation, edited by Barry Percy-Smith and Nigel Thomas, includes discussions on challenges facing issues of participation, contextual aspects, as well as theoretical and methodological reflections about projects and practice. The book includes chapters by prominent members of the Childwatch International Research Network.

A Handbook of Children’s Participation brings together key thinkers and practitioners from diverse contexts across the globe to provide an authoritative overview of contemporary theory and practice around children’s participation.

Childwatch International is represented by an article reflecting on the collaborative work on participation that has been undertaken by the regional network in the Asia and the Pacific. A contribution by members of the thematic group on children's perspectives on citizenship and nation-building also refers to work carried out within the network. Other acitve members of the network are also represented with chapters in this highly relevant international publication.

The publisher describes the book as follows:

Promoting the participation of children and young people - in decision-making and policy development, and as active contributors to everyday family and community life - has become a central part of policy and programme initiatives in both majority and minority worlds. This book presents the most useful recent work in children’s participation as a resource for academics, students and practitioners in childhood studies, children’s rights and welfare, child and family social work, youth and community work, governance, aid and development programmes.

The book introduces key concepts and debates, and presents a rich collection of accounts of the diverse ways in which children’s participation is understood and enacted around the world, interspersed with reflective commentaries from adults and young people. It concludes with a number of substantial theoretical contributions that aim to take forward our understanding of children’s participation.

The emphasis throughout the text is on learning from the complexity of children’s participation in practice to improve our theoretical understanding, and on using those theoretical insights to challenge practice, with the aim of realising children’s rights and citizenship more fully.

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Percy-Smith, Barry and Nigel Thomas (eds.) (2009) A Handbook of Children’s Participation: Perspectives from Theory and Practice  Routledge



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