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The Given Child: The Religions' Contributions to Children's Citizenship

This book is a result of the presentations at the session on Children's Spirituality at the Childhoods 2005 Oslo Conference. It discusses the role of religion in the realization of children's rights globally.

The book is available from the publisher's web site.

The Given Child: The Religions’ Contribution to Children’s Citizenship (2007) is edited by Trygve Wyller (University of Oslo) and Usha S. Nayar (TATA institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai). It is a result of the session on Children's Spirituality organized by Wyller and Nayar at the Childhoods 2005 Oslo conference. Published by Vandenhoeck und Ruprecht, it is the second title in the series Research in Contemporary Religion.

In every part of the world children lack cultural and social citizenship. They seem to be excluded from the basic standards of universal human rights. This is scandalous both morally and politically. Wyller, Nayar, and their internationally renowned authors ask how to improve this situation. They agree that the world can expect religion to contribute to an improvement of children’s rights and citizenship worldwide. This book discusses how.

The book includes contributions by Marcia J. Bunge, Udi Mandel Butler, Yolanda Corona, Annemie Dillen, Marta Maria Espeseth, John M. Hull, Usha S. Nayar, Irene Rizzini, Jone Salomonsen, Alfons H. Teipen, John Wall, Trygve Wyller und Carlos Pérez Zavala.




Tags: ["children's rights", "religion", "spirituality", "TATA Institute of Social Science", "University of Oslo", "Childhoods 2005"] By Trygve Wyller and Usha Nayar (eds.)
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