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Childwatch International Newsletter - November 2012 Issue

The Childwatch International Research Network disseminates every month an online newsletter with the latest news on child research; publications, news, conferences, events, including the latest news from our Key Institutions. 

Childwatch International links local, regional and national research efforts to an international research based knowledge, practice and policy on children’s issues. If you have any information regarding child research you would like added to our newsletter, please send us an email: with the subject: Newsletter item

November Issue 2012

Items of Interest


Measuring well-being needs to be at the heart of policy-making, says OECD World Forum

A major step forward towards putting the measurement of well-being at the heart of policy-making was taken at a four-day international conference which ended in New Delhi on October 19. Read the concluding statement.

Rio + 20: Lifting up Children’s Voice on Climate Change in Vietnam  

In the province of Quang Binh, young people have made a video on climate change. The film project – funded by Norway in partnership with UNICEF and Vietnam’s Youth Union – aims at giving voice to young people as agents of change in one of the countries hardest hit by impacts of climate change.   Read more...

Bloorview Research Institute: Pursuit Award in Childhood Disability - 2013  

The Bloorview Research Institute at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital is pleased to present the  Pursuit Award. The award recognizes PhD students for their outstanding achievements in childhood disability research.    Read more...

Master Of Philosophy In Childhood Studies, Norwegian Centre For Child Research, NTNU - Application Deadlines

Are you interested in children's everyday lives and in childhood as a social and cultural phenomenon? Would you like to know about children's lives in different parts of the world? What about the changing conditions of childhood in the era of globalisation? If so, the international master's programme in Childhood Studies might be perfect for you. Application deadline for international applicants: 1 December 2012.

Application deadline for Norwegian/Nordic applicants: 15 April 2013.  


Calls for Abstracts/Papers/Proposals


Children & Violence Evaluation Challenge Fund - 2nd Call for Proposals

 The Children and Violence Evaluation Challenge Fund is pleased to announce its 2nd call for proposals to support rigorous evaluations of interventions aimed at preventing all forms of violence against children in low- and middle-income countries. Submission Deadline: 17 December 2012.   Read more...


Call for Papers - Special Issue of Children & Society.

 The editors of Children & Society are planning a special issue in 2014 on the theme of psychiatrised children and their rights. The guest editors for this special issue are Brenda LeFrançois and Vicki Coppock. The aim is to produce a collection of articles covering a range of issues in relation to psychiatry and the rights of children, from a number of different countries globally. 

Submission deadline: 17 December 2012.  


Call for Papers: Development and Sustainability Science The Challenge of Transdisciplinary Knowledge for Social Change

May 13-15, 2013, Bergen, Norway organised by CROP, Department of Health Promotion & Development (HEMIL), and UiB Global. 

Submission deadline: 17 December 2012.  


Calls for Papers: Inequalities in Children’s Outcomes in Developing Countries

Calling for papers that discuss the extent of inequalities in key indicators of children’s human capital and well-being, especially how inequalities change and evolve, and the factors that mitigate or reinforce early inequalities and explain their evolution over time. St Anne's College, Oxford, 8-9 July 2013.

Submission deadline: 1 April 2013. 


Call for Abstracts: International Conference on Pediatrics (ICP) 2013 - The 27th Congress of the International Pediatric Association

ICP 2013 is pleased to invite you to submit an abstract for consideration for Oral or Poster Presentation.

24-29 August 2013, Melbourne, Australia.

Submission deadline: 4 February, 2013. 







New Book: Child and Adolescent Mental Health

Edited by Frm. Usha Nayar. Published by SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd. Release date: January 2013.  Read more...


New Book: Untapped Skills - Realising the Potential of Immigrant Students

This report reviews recent trends in international migration, describing the size of current foreign-born populations across countries and analysing factors associated to the size and nature of these populations, reviews a set of important differences and similarities across educational systems and gives a brief description of population sizes across countries. Download the book online. Read more...


 2012 KIDS COUNT Data Book: State Trends in Child Well-Being

The Annie E. Casey Foundation’s 2012 KIDS COUNT® Data Book shows both promising progress and discouraging setbacks for the U.S.'s children: While their academic achievement and health improved in most states, their economic well-being continued to decline. This year’s Data Book uses an updated index of 16 indicators of child well-being, organized into four categories: Economic Well-Being, Health, Education, and Family and Community. The new methodology reflects the tremendous advances in child development research since the first KIDS COUNT Data Book in 1990. Read more...



New Research Reports:


New Publication - Championing Children's Rights: A global study of independent human rights institutions for children

This report by the UNICEF Office of Research, takes stock of the development of independent human rights institutions for children globally and identifies the specific roles they perform. It also pinpoints core elements, characteristics and features that contribute to their institutional success or otherwise.  Read more...



The 2012 edition of the Child Development Index highlights the impressive progress the world has made in reducing child mortality and ensuring millions more children go to school.  Read more...


Governance and the Rights of Children: Policy, implementation and monitoring - Innocenti Working Papers 2012-11

This paper explores some of the factors which impede and promote public sector responsibilities towards children. The purpose of this analysis is to seek methods of assessing the performance of governments in their roles as protectors of the rights of children according to their international commitments. The multiplicity of actors involved in the process is described and the related problems for cooperation and effective implementation considered.  Read more...


New CROP Poverty Brief: Developing Poor Connected Brains

Sebastián J. Lipina and Michael I. Posner argue that a child ’s reaction to stress is an important factor in success in school and our understanding of the stress reaction may also guide us in analyzing other brain systems more directly involved in schooling. Read more...


Chronic Poverty Amid Growth: Insights from Long-Term Poverty Trajectories: Young Lives Working Paper 84

There has been growing interest in researching the dynamics of poverty, including poverty mobility. Looking at change over time and what caused this change can provide useful information for policymakers and those who seek to influence them. Young Lives makes use of the    three rounds of survey data and of qualitative data from sub-sample children. The focus in this paper is tribal households not conforming to     the general trend of upward mobility. It locates these households, analyses their characteristics, and identifies the factors that cause the downward mobility of certain households.  Read more...


SOS Children's Villages publication on sibling relations in alternative care: "Because we are sisters and brothers"

"Because we are sisters and brothers" describes the most important outcomes of research activities and documentations about sibling relations in alternative care from five different countries: The SOS Children's Villages associations in Germany, Austria, France, Italy and Spain have worked on the topic and together they developed the articles and recommendations in this publication. Read more...


The International Policy Centre for Inclusive Growth - New Publications.

The International Policy Centre for Inclusive Growth is a global forum for South-South dialogue on innovative development policies as a result of a partnership between the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Government of Brazil. IPC-IG presents a new series of ten One Pagers (OPs) on Oportunidades– the Mexican Conditional Cash Transfer programme - based on the chapters of the book “Poverty, Conditional Cash Transfers and Society”. More information on IPC-IG is available at:




Research Papers accepted under the "Addressing Inequalities" Global Thematic Consultation - Call for Proposals for Background Papers, Oct 2012:

What Inequality Means for Children: a new paper from Young Lives This Young Lives paper is a contribution to the global thematic consultation Addressing inequalities within the post-2015 development agenda which is being co-organised by UNICEF and UN Women. Failure to fully integrate equality principles is recognised as major limitation of the Millennium Development Goals, and neglect of inequalities has also detracted from the  progress made in many areas. The paper draws attention to the many ways that inequality impacts on children’s experience of growing up.  Read more...


Embedding the Equality Dimension in MDGs: Intergenerational Transmission of Inequalities & Implications for Post-2015 UN Development Agenda

 Paper accepted under the "Addressing Inequalities" Global Thematic Consultation - Call for Proposals for Background Papers, Oct 2012*. Read report online now by Christian Morabito, UNDP Mauritius and Ghent University and Prof. Michel Vandenbroeck, Dep. of Social Welfare Studies, Ghent University.  Read more...





African Journal of AIDS Research - Special Issue: Resilience and coping strategies of HIV-affected children in sub-Saharan Africa

African Journal of AIDS Research - Special Issue, Volume 11 Issue 3 which looks at the coping strategies and resilience of children in Africa. Published by Routledge and co-published with NISC.




Online Debates and Events:


Latest Edition of Research Watch - Climate Change and Children

From droughts to flash floods, failing crops and increased disease, the earth’s climate is changing. In what ways are children most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, and how are they being affected? This edition of Research Watch looks at the science, the politics, the impact, and the next generation and asks what actions on climate change will most benefit children and young people and how we can bring youth into the climate change debate. Read more...

Online Webinars by HOME: The Child Recovery and Reintegration Network

Home: The Child Recovery and Reintegration Network is pleased to announce a series of webinars exploring important topics for children affected by sexual exploitation and related trafficking. These webinars are an opportunity for researchers and practitioners to share details of their research and experiences to improve understanding and responses to the issues. Each webinar features two presentations followed by a facilitated question and answer discussion. Listen to the webinars. Read more...

Clacso - Latin American Conference Live Online

Latin American and Caribbean Conference on Social Sciences: The state of the social sciences in Latin America and the Caribbean. Live transmission of the conference and past videos available online:




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