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African Journal of AIDS Research - Special Issue: Resilience and coping strategies of HIV-affected children in sub-Saharan Africa

African Journal of AIDS Research - Special Issue, Volume 11 Issue 3 which looks at the coping strategies and resilience of children in Africa.

Published by Routledge and co-published with NISC


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African Journal of AIDS Research (AJAR) is a peer-reviewed research journal publishing papers that make an original contribution to the understanding of social dimensions of HIV/AIDS in African contexts. AJAR includes articles from, amongst others, the disciplines of sociology, demography, epidemiology, social geography, economics, psychology, anthropology, philosophy, health communication, media, cultural studies, public health, education, nursing science and social work. Papers relating to impact, care, prevention and social planning, as well as articles covering social theory and the history and politics of HIV/AIDS, will be considered for publication.

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