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Childhood Poverty Research and Policy Centre (CHIP) Policy Briefs

From 2003 to 2005 The Childhood Poverty Research and Policy Centre (CHIP) published a series of policy briefs on child poverty. While the funded phase of the CHIP programme is now over, this resource for policy makers, practitioners and activists concerned about childhood poverty contains policy briefings, research reports, photos, case studies and links on a wide range of issues related to childhood poverty.

Visit the CHIP website to download their publications.


Research and policy to make a difference

The Childhood Poverty Research and Policy Centre is  a collaborative research and  policy programme which involves Save the Children, the Chronic Poverty Research Centre (CPRC) and partners in China, India, Kyrgyzstan and Mongolia. Running from 2001 to 2005, it aims to contribute to global poverty reduction efforts by:

• Deepening understanding of the main causes of childhood poverty and poverty cycles, and increasing knowledge of effective strategies to tackle them in different contexts

• Examining economic and social factors at different levels - international, national and local - which contribute to poverty in childhood

• Informing effective policy to end childhood poverty,  communicating research findings  to policy makers, practitioners and advocates

• Raising the profile of childhood poverty issues and increasing commitment to tackling them through anti-poverty policy and action.

CHIP was funded by the UK Department for International Development, Save the Children and the Chronic Poverty Research Centre.

CHIP Director: Caroline Harper
CHIP Deputy Director: Rachel Marcus
CHIP Research, Policy and Communications staff: Jenni Marshall and Falguni Patel

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