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From Conflict to Peace Building: The Power of Early Childhood Initiatives Lessons from Around the World

This book has its origins in the Working Forum Belfast in 2004, organised jointly by NIPPA- The Early Years Organisation and the World Forum Foundation. The participants working together created the International Working Group on Peace Building with Young Children. This book is one of the first outcomes of the International Working Group.
The book begins by highlighting the impacts of armed conflict on young children and the main issues that this raises for early years educators. It follows with case studies from early childhood practitioners working in different contexts and situations of conflict around the world. They describe what effects the conflict has on children and their families followed by an outline of their initiatives to ameliorate and address some of the effects. They explain the challenges and lessons of these initiatives and give hope and encouragement of what can be done and achieved to re-build communities and build peace in the face of adversity.  The core issues identified transcend specific situations reaching out across political divides. The book finishes with a description of the missions and goals of the International Working Group on Peace Building with Young Children and how people can get involved.
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Tags: ["peacebuilding", "early childhood", "armed conflict", "trauma", "education"] By Connelly. P, Malaysia., and Hayden. J with Levin. D World Forum Foundation
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