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Research with children living in situations of armed conflict: concepts, ethics and methods

This publication was originally a background paper to the Symposium/Workshop on “Infectious Diseases among Children in Conflict Situations: Risk, Resilience and Response” held in January 2006 Manila. It was organised by the school of Public Health and Community medicine at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, in partnership with De La Salle University. It was funded by The Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases (TDR) and World Health Organisation (WHO) Geneva, as part of the work plan of TDR’s Steering Committee for Social, Economic and Behavioural Research to promote research on conflict and infectious diseases.
This paper reflects upon the resilience of children in times of crisis and identifies the challenges and methods of effectively engaging with them in an ethical and productive way. It shows researchers worldwide how best to work with children and young people in adversity. Research with Children shows the importance of children’s perspectives in research and how their valuable new insights have the potential to create better and more effective interventions.

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Tags: ["Health", "armed conflict", "youth", "ethics", "children's participation", "research development"] By J & Tyrer, Hart, B. Manila: De la Salle University: Social Development Research Centre 90pp.
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