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The Concerned for Working Children

An organisation which works to support the cause of working children and believes solutions should be child centered and in the best interest of working children. The site contains pages on research, interventions, analysis of the proposed new ILO convention on child labour, and current debates.

The Concerned for Working Children Webpage

CWC works with local governments, community and working children themselves to implement viable, comprehensive, sustainable and appropriate solutions in partnership with all the major actors, so that children do not have to work. It empowers working children so that they may be their own first line of defence and participate in an informed manner in all decisions concerning themselves.

CWC upholds the following concerns as central to any action aspiring to improve the quality of life of working children:

All actions should be child centered and in the best interest of working children. Interventions should have a positive short term and long-term effect, first and foremost on the children themselves.

All interventions should improve the quality of life for children, their families and their communities.

The immediate and long-term impact of all actions on 'working children' have to be monitored and assessed. It should be mandatory that such mechanisms are set up before any intervention is implemented.

Organised representation of working children and their protagonism has to be recognised and respected. No decisions or actions which have an impact on working children should be taken without consulting them

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