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Canadian CIDA's Child Protection Research Fund

In June 2001, CIDA launched its Action Plan on Child Protection. The action plan established a $2 million Child Protection Research Fund to explore certain aspects of children’s rights and protection and to inform and influence policy. Results from the 13 funded research projects are now available.

The Canadian International Development Agency established the Child Protection Research Fund in 2001. It supported 13 research projects that sought to gain a deeper understanding of children’s lives in various developing countries and regions.The Fund, the first of its type to be set up by CIDA, generated new knowledge on child protection issues; influenced child protection program and policy development at CIDA and among development partners; improved research capacity in the field of child protection; and strengthened partnerships between Canadian and developing country researchers. 

The Fund focused on:

children affected by armed conflict;
child labourers;
sexually exploited children;
street-involved children;
children with disabilities;
children facing discrimination because of their ethnic or religious identities;
children in conflict with the law or in institutional care; and
children affected by HIV/AIDS.

Grounded on a rights-based approach, which views children as active participants in their own development, the Fund supported research that was innovative; multi-dimensional in its analysis of the complexity of children's lives; participatory; and practical in its applicability.

See CIDAs web page on the Child Protection Research Fund

To read summaries of the reports as well as the full reports, visit the Chid Rights Information Network (CRIN) webpage on Child Protection Research Fund.

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