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Research Ethics

Childwatch International interacts and collaborates with researchers, IGOs and NGOs working on issues related to Ethical Research.

Childwatch Projects

A Childwatch thematic group was approved in 2010 to undertake an international scoping project entitled, Building Capacity for Ethical Research with Children & Young People. This has arisen out of Childwatch’s commitment to encouraging ethical research practices through the provision of up-to-date information, training and resources to help Key Institutions (KIs) undertake high-quality, effective and creative research studies with children. The result has been the launch of ERIC Ethical Research Involving Children and Young People.

Release of Ethical Research Involving Children Charter, Compendium and Interactive Website - joint initiative by Childwatch International Research Network, the UNICEF Office of Research, the Centre for Children and Young People at Southern Cross University and the Children’s Issues Centre at the University of Otago.

International Charter for Ethical Research Involving Children and Young People

Ethical Research Involving Children: Interview with Nicola Taylor

Ethical Research Involving Children: The animated video


The book is published by the Norwegian National Research Ethics Committees. The book launch was arranged and hosted by the Norwegian Centre for Child Research, NTNU. This book is the indirect result of an initiative taken by Jon-Kristian Johnsen at a one-day conference held at Litteraturhuset in Oslo on 18 March, 2011.


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