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Children in Palestine - Psychosocial Implications of Conflict and War

Articles printed in Arabpsynet e-Journal no. 24 - 2009:

Mansour, M., A.A. Mousa Thabet, P. Vostanis Psychiatric Disorders Among Children Attending Children Cancer Department in Gaza Strip 

Thabet, A.A., A. Tawahina, E. El Sarraj, P. Vostanis Coping with Stress and Siege in Palestinian Families in Gaza Strip 

 Effectiveness of School Based Psychodrama in Improving Mental Health of Palestinian Adolescents

Thabet, A.A., A. Tawahina, E. El Sarraj, P. Vostanis Outcome Measure in a Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service in GCMHP Clinics

El Majdalawi, A.K., A.A. Thabet and P. Vostanis Effect of Trauma on School Performance among School Aged Children in Gaza Strip

Tags: ["psychosocial support", "Palestine", "education", "cancer"]
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