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What's new in research - Newsletter - September 2012

PEPFAR has partnered with The Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC), South Africa to produce What's New in Research? - a monthly newsletter that will alert readers to new scientific publications. The newsletter focuses on relevant, evidence-based applied science about children affected by HIV and AIDS, policy research, tests of effectiveness, rigorous program evaluation, and cost analysis. What's New in Research? is an effort to make existing research more visible and accessible, and to encourage further research activities in the field of Orphans and Vulnerable Children

The first paper in this month’s newsletter takes stock of PEPFAR's funding for children affected by HIV and AIDS and indicates potential new directions, including the importance of strengthening families, greater investment and service provision by governments to complement the already substantial efforts of civil society, and the necessity of supporting the development and maintenance of a social service workforce, beginning with the enormous number of volunteers who constitute the backbone of the HIV/AIDS response in most low and middle income countries. The remaining five papers provide evidence of adverse effects of HIV/AIDS and poverty on the mental health of caregivers of affected children, and of affected children themselves, and provide tentative direction forward on how to protect the mental health of affected individuals and support coping, including through two pilot interventions.


Reviewed in this edition of What's New in Research?

Saving lives for a lifetime: Supporting orphans and vulnerable children impacted by HIV/AIDS

Correlates of depression among caregivers of children affected by HIV/AIDS in Uganda: Findings from the Suubi-Maka family study

Depression among carers of AIDS-orphaned and other orphaned children in Umlazi Township, South Africa

Assessment of emotional status of orphans and vulnerable children in Zambia

Psychosocial support intervention for HIV-affected families in Haiti: Implications for programs and policies for orphans and vulnerable children

Development and piloting of a mother and child intervention to promote resilience in young children of HIV-infected mothers in South Africa

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