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Internal Forms and Procedures

Participants and coordinators of Childwatch International activities should make themselves familiar with the formal procedures of the University of Oslo for making legitimate claims for allocated support. The information below includes procedures for making individual reimbursement claims as well as formalities related to setting up an invoice addressed to the University of Oslo.

For all claims made, you must make sure that funding has been allocated for your activity. Please contact the Secretariat if in doubt. It may also be useful to read the guidelines for allocations, outlining the kind of activities that may be funded over the network budget.

Make sure the account information form is filled in and included with all claims.

There are usually two different procedures for claiming money through Childwatch International / the University of Oslo depending on who is making the claim. 

  1. Personal reimbursements

  2. Institutional invoices 

Personal reimbursements

Personal reimbursements are made to individuals who have a legitimate claim for expenses covered with private funds to participate in a Childwatch International activity.

Note that original receipts must always be submitted with the claim. Receipts must be set up in the name of the person claiming the reimbursement.

Which expenses are to be reimbursed, and within which budget limit must be clarified with the activity’s coordinator before the activity takes place.

See procedures for claiming reimbursements and download the reimbursement form.

Institutional invoices

An invoice should be issued by an institution when:

  • the institution has paid the expenses of an individual staff member (eg. travel expenses, accommodation, other) to participate in a Childwatch International activity. The institution submits an invoice to claim reimbursement. 
  • the institution is organizing a Childwatch International event and money has been allocated for this activity on the Childwatch International budget. Note that the normal procedure is to request the funding after the activity has taken place. If this is not feasible, please contact the Childwatch International Secretariat.

See procedures for submitting an invoice to Childwatch International.




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