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Key Institution Assembly

The Key Institutions Assembly is composed of representatives from member institutions. It is convened every three years. It guides the policies and stragegic direction of the network.


Time and place: Dec. 3, 2009Dec. 4, 2009, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

The 2009 Childwatch International Key Institutions Assembly took place in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 3 - 4 December 2009. It was organized in conjunction with the global child research conference, Children's Rights at a Cross-Roads. It was a fruitful meeting between researchers from around the globe, supporting continued collaboration in the years to come.

Time and place: June 26, 2005June 27, 2005, Hurdal, Norway

The Childwatch International Key Institutions Assembly 2005 took place place in Hurdal, Norway, from 26 - 27 June. 37 of the network's 45 Key Institutions were represented by one or two staff. The draft minutes are available here . Click on the links to find the agenda and the list of participants . Pdf versions of the thematic presentations and discussion papers from the Assembly are available below. Please do not quote without permission from the author.

Time and place: Jan. 1, 2002Jan. 2, 2002, Bangkok, Thailand

The 2002 Childwatch International Research Network (CWI) Key Institution meeting took place with representatives from 15 Key Institutions (KIs) and several potential KIs. The meeting took advantage of being held in South East Asia, namely Bangkok, Thailand, and present were researchers and other representatives from diverse institutions in Thailand and the region.The 2002 Key Institution meeting was hosted by the National Institute for Child and Family Development (NICFD), Mahidol University, on the invitation by its Director Nittaya Kotchabhakdi.

Time and place: July 4, 1999July 6, 1999, Children’s Issues Centre, Dunedin, New Zealand

The meeting was hosted by the Children’s Issues Centre at the University of Otago, on the invitation by its Director Anne B. Smith. Children’s Issues Centre gave invaluable assistance to the logistics of the meeting and had arranged for social events that allowed Childwatch members to meet local researchers and others involved in children’s issues. The meeting was combined with the first meeting of the 1999-2001 Advisory Board. Representatives from 18 Key Institutions participated (see below participants list). The Childwatch meetings were held in connection with the international conference: ‘Child and Family Policy Conference: Children’s Rights. National and International Perspectives’ organised by Children’s Issues Centre. Most of the Childwatch representatives participated in the conference, some of them as speakers. In addition to the professional importance of such a combination of meetings, it also allowed for combining travel budgets and sharing of costs between Childwatch and the Children’s Issues Centre.  

Time and place: Sep. 26, 1996Sep. 28, 1996, Wild Dunes, South Carolina, USA

Between September 26 and 28 1996 the directors of Childwatch International Key Institutions within the field of child research gathered for a workshop in Wild Dunes, South Carolina, under the auspices of the Institute for Families in Society at the University of South Carolina and its director, Gary Melton. The purpose of the workshop was to define further lines of collaboration among the institutions of the network, and to promote the results from child research.

Time and place: Sep. 1, 1994Sep. 4, 1994, Ranten Hotel, Norway

Together with the Norwegian Centre for Child Research (NOSEB) Childwatch International invited leading institutions within the field of child research to discuss modalities for closer cooperation under the Childwatch umbrella. Directors and other representatives from 15 institutions world-wide participated in the meeting which took place 1-4 September 1994 at Ranten Hotel, Nesbyen, Norway. This report gives the background and objectives of the meeting, and presents the conclusions concerning follow up activities.