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Global Conferences

Childwatch International was initiated during the global child research conference "Children at Risk" organised in Bergen, Norway in 1992.

In 1997 Childwatch International organised a conference on "Urban Childhood" in Trondheim, Norway.

The "Childhoods 2005" was organised in collaboration with University of Oslo, the Norwegian Centre for Child Research and Norwegian Social Research.

Published May 12, 2009 2:05 PM

This is a working conference aiming at developing a useful and thorough outcome document summarizing these discussions and presenting a set of clear recommendations for future child research and collaboration between stake holders to secure the rights of children based on solid evidence.

Published July 7, 2008 11:23 AM

As part of the University of Oslo's Centennial Celebration in 2005, 1200 child- and youth researchers, practicioners and policy makers from 95 different countries met for 5 days to present research, debate and exchange knowledge about modern childhood and youth. The conference had well over 700 presentations and a full program of social, artistic and not least, child and youth focused events.