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Main Childwatch Activities

This a list of the current ongoing projects Childwatch is mainly working with at present.

Article 31

Early in 2008 the International Play Association: Promoting the Child’s Right to Play (IPA) entered a partnership with seven other international organisations to propose that the UNCRC organise a Day of Discussion and/or develop a General Comment on article 31 for the purpose of elaborating on its meaning and increasing state accountability with regard to compliance.

Building Capacity for Ethical Research with Children & Young People

A Childwatch thematic group was approved in 2010 to undertake an international scoping project entitled, Building Capacity for Ethical Research with Children & Young People. This has arisen out of Childwatch’s commitment to encouraging ethical research practices through the provision of up-to-date information, training and resources to help Key Institutions (KIs) undertake high-quality, effective and creative research studies with children.

Child Friendly Cities and Communities Research Project

The Child Friendly Cities Initiative (CFCI) was launched in 1996 to act on the resolution passed during the second UN Conference on Human Settlements (Habitat II) to make cities liveable places for all; in UNICEF terms, for "children first." CFCI advocates the adoption of governance approaches and participatory urban management that promote the realization of the rights of the youngest citizens. It is a powerful tool for identifying disparities and forms of discrimination, and addressing them in a systemic manner through the holistic implementation of full rights for all children.

Training for Young Researchers

The Childwatch International Board decided that the network has great potential as a training agent for new researchers in the child research field. Through such a program, the insitutions in the network can contribute to ensuring the quality of international child research, and also to secure recruitment of young child researchers interested in issues of child rights and their implementation

Latin American & Caribbean Network Website - Red Latinoamericana y del Caribe Childwatch

The Latin American & Caribbean Network has developed its own website in Spanish. Here you can find news, events and publications from the region.

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