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Thematic Groups

Childwatch has unique potential to harness the collective capacity of international child researchers to identify and investigate major questions of global significance in the lives of children. Through establishment of and support to thematic groups Childwatch International has the opportunity to link local, regional and national research efforts.

The global network of research institutions that make up the Childwatch International network are involved in research on a vast number of child rights related issues. The thematic groups gives an opportunity for researchers with similar academic interests to get together to discuss relevant research, develop projects and elaborate theory and methodology. The thematic groups allow for discussions on the role of research in implementation of child rights. The international perspectives that arise from the study groups may inform the global child rights and research agendas and have the potential to improve the international research based knowledge, practice and policy on children’s issues.

Most thematic groups are established through a bottom up process where initiatives are taken by network partners. Others start as initiatives taken by the Board assesing relevant global trends, identifying knowledge gaps and taking advantage of existing expertise within the network.

The financial support from Childwatch International supports the networking component of thematic groups. The comparative research carried out by of some of the thematic groups are financed through other sources.

See menu on the left for a complete list of former and current Childwatch International thematic groups.


Tags: thematic groups, child rights implementation, research collaboration
Published Sep. 25, 2008 1:03 PM - Last modified Apr. 17, 2013 3:45 PM