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Child-Friendly Cities and Communities Research Network

The Child Friendly Cities Initiative (CFCI) was launched in 1996 to act on the resolution passed during the second UN Conference on Human Settlements (Habitat II) to make cities liveable places for all; in UNICEF terms, for "children first." CFCI advocates the adoption of governance approaches and participatory urban management that promote the realization of the rights of the youngest citizens. It is a powerful tool for identifying disparities and forms of discrimination, and addressing them in a systemic manner through the holistic implementation of full rights for all children.

The thematic group is planning national or regional workshops to establish partnerships between child friendly cities and communities and Childwatch International key institutions. In most instances it is expected that no existing partnership between 'child friendly cities' and research institutions will be found. This program will link these cities up with Key Institutions and, where these do not exist, with other research institute partners.

An interactive database and a web user interface will be designed using DevInfo database system developed for UN and UNICEF. Research organizations as well as communities who are doing work in the area of child friendly cities will be able to download information and assessment instruments from this site and upload information about their activities and self assessments. The database will be designed and maintained at Innocenti Research Centre UNICEF with technical assistance from Children’s Environments Research Group at the Graduate Center at City University in New York (CERG). 

The international research partners will be meeting during the year. The purpose of this meeting is to share and critique instruments and for planning the next phase of development and expansion of the research network

Contact Information:

Roger Hart & Selim Iltus (CERG) rhart [at]  

Tags: planning, physical environment
Published July 25, 2012 3:58 PM - Last modified Apr. 17, 2013 3:42 PM